3 Reasons to Visit Kilimanjaro

When I think of adventure, I think of cotton socks, hiking boots, rucksacks filled with survival essentials and walking sticks to fend off strange looking plants and dangerous creatures. Yes, going to a new coffee shop can be a fun little adventure, but right now I’m talking about real deal, big, badass adventures that require ACG boots, and giant cojones. Mount Kilimanjaro is the first stop on my action adventure, no chill – all thrill, must do list.

At the top, the very peak of my action/adventure to do list, is climbing and summiting the tallest freestanding mountain in the world, Kilimanjaro aka the rooftop of Africa or Kili. Here are the four reasons I need to visit Kilimanjaro.

3. It’s Not Just A Climb

Mount Kilamanjaro isn’t just a mountain it’s a series of volcanoes. Meaning the 19,340 ft of earth reaching up into the sky is largely made of volcanic ash. I imagine the energy emanating off it must be palpable and this is why I think it would be awesome to climb.

2. The Variety of Elements

You will start in shorts and end in a parka. There are five different temperate zones on the trek ranging from bushland to rainforest, heath, alpine desert and finally to arctic. That’s right, if you walk past the elephants and rhinos, around the Amarula trees, through the desert and rainforest all the way up to the rooftop of Africa you will find the Acrtic, and what I believe to be a truly spiritual experience.

1. The Wildlife and Views

It’s National Geographic come to life. This mountain is awe-inspiring, from the ring of clouds around the middle to the snow capped peak. There’s no lack of bio diversity, bush babies (no joke they’re real), honey badgers, blue monkeys, olive baboons, aardvarks… basically all the animals we grew up looking at in National Geographic magazines.

My Reason: My Mom


My mother was born in Tanzania where the mountain is located. Kili isn’t just at the top of my list because of the majesty of the mountain, but because I have a special connection to it. That’s my mom in the picture above. I grew up hearing tales of its mystery and magnificence. It’s considered a sacred place and local folklore has it that there is a tribe of mountain people that hunt humans bringing negative spirits to the slope.

Life is a climb, success is a mountain, and Mount Kilimanjaro is a calling my name! Do you want to or have you visited Kili? Share your thoughts and comments we me. I’d love to hear about your adventures.

Sebastian Clovis

Sebastian Clovis

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