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5 Ways to Get Your Contractor to Use Black

Grey is a staple colour in the world of design, it’s also the colour of my thoughts after a 10 hour day of building. It’s cool without being cold, it’s modern and goes with just about everything, but lets get darker and embrace the blackness. As we saw in Season 1 of Home To Win, black can be used with so much versatility. It doesn’t have to be dark and gloomy, it can be sultry yet manly as well as provide depth and expansiveness in a space. Here are some ways you can ask your contractor to bring black into your home renovation.

Paint it black
It’s not just one of the all time greatest songs, it’s also what you should do to your ceilings because black paint up top can give a room the feeling of spaciousness.

Photo credit: Home Bunch

Black hole
More specifically get your contractor to install a black sink, and while we’re on the theme a black faucet can add an ultra modern and slick look.

Photo credit: Burdens Bathrooms

Black in the cracks
If you want a small but impactful infusion of black in your space, perhaps to set off another pattern somewhere else, think about asking for black grout. Besides being the bold choice, it also covers dirt much better than any other shade or colour of grout.

Photo credit: Desire to Insipre

Black glass
Want a your kitchen to stop shows and guests a like? Ask about the possibility of installing a black glass back splash for that “BAM BAM” effect.

Photo credit: Glass Magazine 


Stained Grains
For the adventurous, you can ask your contractor to cut finished plywood into geometric shapes of your choice, stain them and attach them to a wall as a feature. I guarantee nobody will be able to walk into a room sporting a look like this without offering double high fives.

Photo credit: Handmade Charlotte

These are all ideas I personally love, but as always I’d love to hear other great suggestions. I hope some of these ideas opened up the chambers of imagination and possibility. Go forth and build it beautifully!

Sebastian Clovis

Sebastian Clovis

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