A Kitchen Reno For Conor McGregor

Why does everyone love Conor McGregor? Many of us love him because he’s a brute force in the MMA ring with a talent for trash talk. Others love him because he’s the perfect mix of debonair style and the alpha aura — the accent probably helps too.

hypothetical kitchen renovation in toronto

I wonder what it would be like to do a renovation for Conor? He would make for an interesting, if not intimidating, client…

toronto renovation client

If I was to take a swing at a reno for Conor McGregor, here’s how I would approach it.

A Recipe For A Kitchen Renovation

My game plan would be to renovate McGregor’s kitchen. I imagine he spends a lot of time in this space preparing the healthy, nutrient rich meals his body requires to punish opponents at the pro level. If for some proposterous reason McGregor was unsatisfied with the renovation results, I am hoping he will have grown much weaker over the duration of the project. Now, he may not be trained for boxing as well as some, but his roundhouse kick is as explosive as an Irish Bomb Shot – the drink. If you’re like me and have gone a few rounds with this drink, you know just what I mean.

What Is In An “Irish Bomb Shot”?

1/2 Pint Stout (Guiness)
1/2 oz Irish cream liqueur (Bailey’s)
1/2 oz Whiskey (Jameson)

kitchen renovation colour pallete

It can be a struggle to find design inspiration, but look how this drink naturally serves up a decadent colour palette; the light whites, warm honey tones and deep browns. Insipation is everywhere.

I’ll draw from frosty beer glasses and the bright lights that hang over the MMA ring. The blues and greens of the Irish country side will bring life to the space through plants and art.

Finally, the worn leather of vintage boxing gloves will give added texture to the space.

toronto's kitchen design inspiration

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Cabinets, Counter and Hardware

toronto kitchen glass designtoronto kitchen cabinetstoronto kitchen design hardwaretoronto kitchen renovation marble counters

I want the space to feel calm and serene, but warm like a honey toasted hazelnut. I’d use a deep Guinness colour for all of the cabinet boxes and the lower cabinet doors, but the upper cabinet doors would be glass creating a trophy case look.

The hardware would actually be soft because using boxing gloves as inspiration I’d install leather pulls on the cabinetry

An enormous marbled slab becomes an expansive countertop. The veining of the marble will have to be intense to bring out the feel of the liqueurs mixing in a pint glass.

Backsplash and Flooring

toronto kitchen renovation backsplashtoronto kitchen renovation zebra bamboo flooring

Antiqued mirror as a backsplash will make the space feel bigger but more importantly it will reflect the awesome marble slab and not steal attention as most backsplashes tend to do.

I’m tempted to go with dark flooring to stay with the Guiness theme, but dark floors tend to show dirt and scratches. However, Zebra Bamboo has plenty of dark brown streaks, a ton of visual interest and of course it’s extrememly durable.

Lights, Ceiling and Walls

toronto kitchen renovation ceilingtoronto kitchen renovation pot lightstoronto kitchen renovation chandelier

On the celing, bold architectual detail. Giant wooden beams to hammer home that Irish Pub feel.

Bronze Recessed LED Gimbal Pot Lights will bring the spotlight to the main event, the marble island. I’d install them all the way around the kitchen to simulate the grandiose feeling of being in a ring surrounded by flash camera’s and large lights. Whoever is cooking up a win in this kitchen is going to feel like the centre of attention.

For most people, a few pendant lights over the kitchen island would do, but for Conor I’ll add the 1930’s Astor Crystal Round Chandelier – especially after that $40,000,000 dollar check he took home for fighting Mayweather.

Conor’s Kitchen Decor

toronto Conor MacGregor Kitchen renovation decor in Toronto

A leather bound stool plays well in the space and is another nod to vintage boxing equiptment.

Irish aesthetics and a few properly placed plants make the space feel like home. It wouldn’t be a Clovis reno if there wasn’t some piece of DIY-ism; an Irish flag made with upcycled off-cuts from the project.

Is this design a knockout? Should we go another round? Chime in!

Materials and Accents

kitchen design inspiration toronto
  1. Turnstile Leather Pulls, Home Portfolio
  2. Wood Irish Flag Art, Gilt
  3. Kungsbacka Kitchen Cabinet Doors, Ikea
  4. 1930s Astor Crystal Round Chandelier, Restoration Hardware
  5. No Parking in Ennistymon  Art, Val Byrne
  6. Tiger Bamboo Floors, Bamboo Hardwoods
  7. Precious Stones Marble in White and Brown, GranitiFiandre
  8. Roadhouse Leather Bar Stools, CB2
  9. Bronze Recessed LED Gimbal Pot Light, Home Depot
  10. Baby’s Tears aka Irish Moss, Sheridan Nurseries
  11. Chalet Antique Mirror, Antiqued Mirrors
  12. Wood Beams, Barnboardstore
  13. Chantilly Lace Paint, Benjamin Moore

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