Home of The Month: A Swedish Beauty With Great Lines

I can’t wait for the day that I get to model and build a home to my own specifications, but until then I’ll keep enjoying and taking inspiration from homes other people have built. This one for example is found in Gothenburg, Sweden. As a woodworker, I find this home so appealing because a ton of wood was used in the façade, which gives it an amazing natural feel. This home isn’t huge, but it is a masterpiece.


The courtyard steals the show. One feature I want in my future home is a courtyard rather than a backyard.  In this house, the garden is found in the middle of the property and in my opinion is a major win because a majority of the rooms have a great view and access to the garden.


Where’s Waldo the kitchen?  It’s been said a million times “the kitchen is the heart of the home” that is, until it’s not. In this home, the heart is the great outdoors. The small compact cooking area goes unnoticed and is designed for people who don’t plan on spending their life cooking. The 26-seat table is the focus and makes the importance of family and togetherness evident.

A good nook with a good book. Some people would say having a giant media centre, or an oversized garage is a true luxury, but for me having a comfortable chair in a  peaceful nook looking out at the horizon is as luxurious as it gets. Add a good book on a side table, an acoustic guitar and maybe just maybe a pipe with some natural tobacco (you know like grandpa used to have) and I’d be happy as a bumble bee in a honeysuckle.


Eves with industrial edge and style. I appreciate seeing all the timber used in the outdoor space, but what really catches my attention is the use of oversized galvanized eavestroughs and down spouts. I really enjoy the modern industrial feel it gives to the otherwise very natural space.

Images: Dwell


Sebastian Clovis

Sebastian Clovis

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