Custom Basement Remodel Family Room

Reno I Dig: Fairly Tale Family Basement

This basement was completely unfinished when we started, so we had the rare luxury of working from a blank canvas. We took full advantage of this and pumped in as much fun and whimsy as our clients would allow. This basement had to serve as a gathering space for a big extended family ranging in ages, so we needed a little something for everyone.

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  1. Costal Living Laminate Floor  – Campfire, Armstrong Flooring
  2. Best Storage Unit (combination with drawers, Djupviken, Lappviken white), Ikea
  3. Painted Wall Mural by Steve McKinnon, Smack Tattoo
  4. LED Edgelit Panel Light Round, Home Depot
  5. Luca Sectional, Rove Concepts


I really appreciated the click together system on the Coastal Living Laminate Floor boards because it made them easier to install than many others I’ve used. I also really loved the distinctive graining and the authentic texture which make them a great alternative to hardwood. I’d beg to use this in another renovation, but if the colouring was too bold the Woodland Reclaim Old Original Wood Brown option from Armstrong.

This unit is the perfect blend between style and storage, and its all you’ll need to keep the area around the TV organized. At a great price point, Besta Storage Unit from Ikea is one I would beg to use again. The greatest part of the unit is that the drawers and doors are interchangeable with plenty of styles to choose from like this graphic wave print.


I would love to borrow the mural we had air brushed onto the wall, but of course that beauty is a one-of-a-kind. Even if I commissioned Steve to paint it again, it wouldn’t be exact. I’d opt for this pretty awesome Peter Pan Mural from Easy that elicits the same kind of whimsical feel.


There’s no two ways about, LED spotlights are here to stay and these Edgelight Panel Light Rounds are my favourites because their so thin you can install them directly below joists and they’ll sit flat in the drywall. Not having to take the joists into consideration when laying out spotlight plans is a huge advantage. I’ll definitely be installing these again and again.

This Luca Sectional is a statement piece, styled with sleek tapered legs and contrasting textures. It’s a seamless blend of traditional design with modern trends. I’m not usually one to speak on details; the piping around the edges, the gentle tufting on the seat, or the stylish cylindrical side cushions, but here I am doing it because I appreciate the craftsmanship of this sofa. I’ll definitely use this tushy magnet again. 🙂



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Sebastian Clovis

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