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June Favourites – Joe Rogan, Cards Against Humanity & More

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  • Small Abalone Knife – What a perfect little pocket piece. I’m really digging the abalone shell handle.
  • Cards Against Humanity – The best game to find out which of your friends are boring and which ones are raving sociopaths. hahaha
  • The Original Bell Jar Table Lamp – Is it possible this lamp placed on my office desk can make me smarter? Yes, I believe yes!
  • Cestus Armoured Gloves Deep Grip – I’ve just started using these gloves during demo and dump runs and my girlfriend has never been happier. What I’m really saying is my hands are staying nice, soft and clean.
  • Joe Rogan Experience #812 – I believe if anyone is going to be abducted by aliens it’s gonna be Joe Rogan. His podcast interview with Russel Brand was absolutely genius, worth 2 listens.
  • Ignite Limitless Knit Men’s Training Shoes – These shoes get me so excited. The blue is unreal. I’d put a few thousand miles on them happily.
  • Bose Revolve – This speaker is genius, I’ve had mine for a month and for a pocket size ting it really pounds out the bass.
  • Roomba– Since my dog, Nahla, moved in with me, I rely on this beauty to keep my house looking half presentable.

Sebastian Clovis

Sebastian Clovis

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