Reno I Dig: Modern English Country Kitchen

At long last someone has asked me to dig into my British heritage to create an English country kitchen with a just a splash of modernity. I spent a lot of time with my Grandma in the tiny village of Pennington located in the southern part of New Forest. I drew on the memory and emotion of that time to get inspired for this build.

  1. Winchester Tile, Creekside
  2. Highland Ridge Cup Pull, Berenson
  3. Hickory Provincial, Mullican Flooring
  4. Vintage Table, Gifted
  5. KitchenAid Range (KSGB900ESS), Best Brand Appliance


These Winchester tile really brings that English feel to the space. You won’t find this pattern in your local big-box store. They are unique to the point of being personal, so I truly would have to beg to use these in another space. This alternative style from Creekside is comparable if the first is a little too unique or unavailable.

This collection of Highland Ridge pulls have a vintage feel, they’re darker in some spots and have an imperfection that makes a cold space feel warm. I’d beg to use these again, and if not here’s a great alternative from Breneson.


The table in this build was so beautiful that I would love to borrow it for another space, but of course there will be no lending of this table since it’s a family heirloom. Here is an alternative from Wayfiar that would fit the build.


The thing I liked about these Hickory Provincial flooring boards was that there was a good amount of varied size pieces in the box, which is good for preventing repeating patterns. I also love the hand scraped finish for there durability and ability to hide kicks and scratches. I’m definitely going to use these again.

I’m no chef or baker, but I love this Kitchen Aid gas stove with 5 burners. I think I’d make a mean cup of tea on this baby. It has a modern shape and fits in any space whether contemporary, modern, cottage, classic or bohemian. It’s a great stove for every space and is a definite reuse.



Sebastian Clovis

Sebastian Clovis

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