October Favourites: Builder Mug, Work Shirt, Hat and More

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  • Builder Mug – Another cool fact about builders is we can turn cups of coffee into homes.
  • CGlobal G-2 – 8 Inch, Chef’s Knife – You’re only as good as your tools and my kitchen game can use some improvement.
  • Robert Planta – These planters come in black and white, and when the two are placed together they feel like a cute little message to the world.
  • SMU Full Back Cap – Prep Sportswear – As an alumni of Saint Mary’s, I can’t have enough SMU swag and this special order full back cap is a perfect piece to help proclaim my school pride.
  • Utility Shirts – I typically build in t-shirts or sweaters, but maybe its time to refine my builder style.
  • Rigid Trim Cutter – This cutter snips quarter rounds perfectly, so when installing trim there’s no need to keep running back and forth to the chop saw. 
  • Beatnik Side Table – I like my stools like I like my egg timers … with an hourglass  figure.
  • Mad Balls – OK,  so I’m definitely, probably not going to buy these mad balls, but it’s pretty friggin’ awesome to see a toy I was crazy about in the 80’s come back in style. Now, only if they brought back Garbage Pail Kids!

Sebastian Clovis

Sebastian Clovis

Sebastian is the principal owner of Clovis Contracting, host of HGTV Canada's Save My Reno, and a resident home renovation and DIY expert on The Marilyn Denis Show. He believes everyone should strive to understand the mechanics of their home, tackle home improvement projects while at the same time being able to identify when it’s necessary to call in a professional.
Sebastian Clovis

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