Sebastian and his Shiba Inu, Nahla sitting in the bed of Toyota Tacoma

My Shiba Inu and Tacoma make my day

Building custom kitchens in Toronto all day isn’t just a challenge, it’s a full speed gauntlet that will shake the strong and consume the weak. Ok, I’m being dramatic but days off are far and few between so hopping in my Tacoma with my Shiba Inu and heading out of the city once in a while is just what the doctor ordered.

This was my first day off with my pup, Nahla. She’s the closest breed of dog to a wolf, so I figured she would appreciate a good run around in the wild. We hopped into my Tacoma and headed out to find some wild.

There are several things I’ve learned about Nahla that make me glad I drive a Toyota Tacoma.

Qi Wireless Charging Station

The first is that she loves to bite everything, especially wires, so a key feature of the truck is the Qi wireless phone charging station. I can just put my phone in the charging bay and it’s good to go. This keeps my console uncluttered which I love, and leaves Nahla with nothing to chew.

Automatic Rear Window

It’s wonderful that I can automatically open the rear window for her to look out of as we drive. She’s such a curious little thing that when I open the side window she climbs up on it, and I genuinely worry that she’s going to fall out. As a first time dog owner I’ve never seen a dog seatbelt but I’m sure it exists so I’m actively on the hunt for one.

AC Power Plug

Another fantastic feature for dog owners is the bed with the AC power plug. As Nahla gets her nerve up and starts jumping in the water, it’ll come in handy as somewhere to clean her up. I’ve put a blow dryer and towels in the under seat storage compartment, so when she gets wet I can make sure she is good and dry before getting into the truck.

Yes, life can be tough, but when you sprinkle little adventures into it here and there it makes all the hardship worth it.

Always make time to find some wild!

Sebastian Clovis

Sebastian Clovis

Sebastian is the principal owner of Clovis Contracting, host of HGTV Canada's Save My Reno, and a resident home renovation and DIY expert on The Marilyn Denis Show. He believes everyone should strive to understand the mechanics of their home, tackle home improvement projects while at the same time being able to identify when it’s necessary to call in a professional.
Sebastian Clovis

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  • CG Munn

    Hey Sebastian I love your show and I am so happy you found this little bundle of joy! I also have a Shiba Inu and I just want to give you some friendly advice. Shiba Inus are known to be runners. It’s one of the reasons so many end up with Shiba Inu Rescues because they love to go on Self guided tours and they think it’s a game! So many Shiba folks have lost their babies because they have been off leash or they are not fenced in (something reputable breeders encourage before permitting someone from adopting their pups). I wanted to share this with you because you are clearly in love with your pup and thought it important to let you know! Best wishes!

    • Sebastian Clovis

      Thanks for the love, and yea I’m head over heels for my little Shiba. I have read about their tendency to run so I never let her off leash in the city. I felt like the area we were in was secluded enough that it would be okay. Do you think even in the country it’s best to keep her on the leash? I’m careful cause I’d be heartbroken if I lost her. Thank you so much for letting me know!