September Favourites: Tie Dye Scarf, Tom Ford Glasses, Insta360 Camera

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  • Diagonal Tie Dye Scarf – September air is mighty crispy, which means scarves are officially an option!
  • Tom Ford Newman Glasses – A sharp pair of shades that I’d probably wear at night. So I can, so I can. (That’s a Corey Hart reference. Corny, I know.)
  • Insta360 One – A 4K quality iPhone attachment equipped with editing capabilities. Ooh-wee!
  • Burberry Dominoes – For what this wooden domino set of sticks costs, you better believe I’m giving love to the entire table. Real old school domino players know what that means lol.
  • Le Creuset Tea Kettle – If you’re like me, your kettle gets to whistling more often around this time of year than not. It’s tea time y’all.
  • Patagonia Micro Puff Hoody – Creating warmth using strictly light weight materials isn’t an easy task, I know this from first hand experience. This jacket looks equal parts comfy and spiffy.
  • EDC Card Caddy – This bad boy allows you to carry a mini-tool, EDC card and some cash too. Sweet.
  • Bank Bedstation by Mark Sadler – A bed in a briefcase? This baby is perfect for unexpected sleepovers at the office, or for overnight stays on the airport terminal floor.

Sebastian Clovis

Sebastian Clovis

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