Tips for Renovating a Kids Playroom

It’s back to school time, so that means fall is here and the kids are spending more and more time in the house. Oh fun!

If you’re in need of some personal space, separate from the kids, or have an outdated kids play space then check out the photos below to see the many ways other people have finished their spaces. Keep reading to get my tips for renovating a kids playroom plus a fun DIY project that you can work on with your little ones to help them keep the playroom neat and tidy.

1. Practical storage for kids

Use functional storage that’s accessible to kids. High walls cabinets or bookcases are great for adults, but not so much for kids.

2. Holler if you hear me? Soundproof

A kids space is meant to be for kids and noise separation is critical. Even though it has four walls doesn’t mean it will keep the sound of the little voices down. To get a little more quiet, try soundproofing. Green Glue is a great option for people not looking to open up their walls. It acts as a damping material to dissipate the vibrations caused by sound waves as they travel through ceilings, walls and floors. It’s sound proofing without all the hard work of the traditional options.

3. Use bright lighting

A kids playroom is no a place for mood lighting – bow chicka wow wow. You should illuminate the whole space to facilitate those fun art projects, reading and of course homework for the older kidos.

4. Think safety

Items like TVs and large bookcases can easily be pulled down by curious kids, so mount them or tack them to the wall at the back. You should also consider using soft floor tiles to cushion all those slips and falls and kid proofing electrical sockets.

5. Add your love with a DIY project

kids spaces are fun to renovate and decorate, that’s why I love them. They bring out my creatvity and lets me relive my childhood. Another great part of renovating a kids space is including kids in the work. This is the perfect time for parents to teach their kids how to make things with their own hands and demonstrate the value of hard work and patience. I spent a lot of time building with my Dad as a kid and look at what I do now. Her’e a simple DIY wooden toy bin project you can try with your kids from the ladies at The Merry Thought.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and don’t be shy – share your tips for renovating a kids playroom in the comments section below? I’d love to hear them.

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Sebastian Clovis

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