Toyota Tacoma truck hauls a boulder

Find Out Who Won: My Toyota Tacoma Vs. A Boulder

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Yes, I made my Toyota Tacoma face off against a boulder. Why? Well, here’s the story. My parents are hippies. From the first day they met in London, England in the 70’s, my Mom and Pops aspired to an organic, off-the-grid, farm life. Their dream was to grow their own vegetables, keep chickens and drink well water, but work was in the city so that’s where myself, and my 4 siblings were raised.

Once they retired, it didn’t take long for them to sell their city home and move to a 24 acre lot in the country. Fresh vegetables, chickens and fresh air is their everyday nutrition now, and while I’m so unbelievably proud and happy for them, I miss them terribly.

Being the sappy, sentimental son of these bohemian homesteaders, the distance between us prompted me to find a way to create some type of connection between my home and theirs.

Their home sits on part of the Canadian shield, so here and there you can see big pieces of granite jutting out from the ground. Running through some of the boulders are these awesome veins of quartz, they look like jewels inside the stones.

I decided if I could find a good sized boulder, and hoist it up into my truck, it would be the perfect thing to take back to the city. That way every time I walk past it I’ll be reminded of my parents who have been rocks in my life and that no matter how long it may take, if you stick to your vision, all dreams can be realized. It did for them!

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Before I sign out, I just want to send big shout out to Akil Augustine for providing the moral support I needed to lift the boulder into my Toyota Tacoma. Who needs helpful friends when you have a truck like this lol!

Sebastian Clovis

Sebastian Clovis

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